Somalia’s President Farmajo suspends powers of Prime Minister Roble

File Photo/Somali Times

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has issued a decree on Thursday, suspending the powers of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. Prime Minister Roble of making unilateral decisions that do not comply with the country’s laws and provisional constitution.

The three-point decree says that the Prime Minister cannot issue directives regarding dismissals or appointments. It also the Prime Minister for “taking unconsidered steps that could lead to political and security crisis in the country” and misuse of power.”

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, who work for foreign actors has violated the Provisional Constitution, the powers of the Prime Minister and all correspondence, especially dismissals or appointments, have been suspended pending the completion of the country’s elections to the appointed Independent Commissions.”

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo also demanded that cabinet ministers not be removed until elections are held, and a new parliament is seated. He added that the electoral commissions would continue to organize the elections.