Somalia’s Puntland civil servant is facing a widespread lack of pay

File Photo/Somali Times

The civil servant and various forces of the Puntland administration are facing a widespread lack of pay, according to Somali Times.

The civil servant and various forces of the Puntland state have not been paid for more than six months.

The lack of pay faced by Puntland workers and soldiers has been described as the longest in the administration since it was established in 1998.

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The civil servant and the government forces who are working in difficult conditions have recently followed the lack of rights, with no one to submit their complaints to so that something can be done.

The widespread lack of salaries for the army has led the army to close roads and important checkpoints on several occasions, which were later persuaded to allow the movement and will be paid their salaries, although this did not happen.

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The Puntland administration led by Said Abdullahi Deni has been accused in recent times that the government has been busy in fulfilling the wishes of the senior leadership of the administration.

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The Deni group has also diverted the funds for the administration and implementation of development projects to the implementation of the political plan of the president and his personal ambitions, which has resulted in not paying any rights and salaries for a period of six consecutive months.

However, this issue is a great misfortune for the administration, as President Deni and his team are believed to be using the government’s funds for personal gain and greed for a long time.