Somalia’s shady president Hassan Sheikh opened Baidoa conference without the leader of Puntland

Photographer Somali Times/Somalia’s shady president Hassan Sheikh and regional leaders

The President of the federal government of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, today opened a meeting between the federal government, some regional governments and Benadir region in Baidoa.

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The meeting of the council of sharing the donations given by the international community opened today in Baidoa. There is Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud who is interested benefiting himself and his family from the donations given to Somalia by the international community and the federal government of Somalia and some other regional governments, according to sources inside Hassan Sheikh government told Somali Times.

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On the other hand, information received by Somali Times says that the president of Puntland Said Deni has been handling mediocrity and messages from the representatives of the international community.

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Most of the conference will be focused on the finances out of donations given by the international community , the process of federalization of finances, elections at the federal and state levels.