Southwest State elects former energy minister as new governor

Baidoa –Governors, Election Commission Governors Election Commission announced that Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagher won the election of the governor of South West after the first round with of 101 votes, while the second candidate to the post Adan Mohamed Nur Saransoor received 22 votes.

Hussein Osman Hussein, Adnan Mohamed Nur Saransoor, Ibrahim Moalin Nunow, Sayid Ahmed Sheikh Dahir and Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagran competed for the election of the governor of South West in Baidoa, as 147-member of the Southwest administration voted they surrendered.

The new Governor of the South West State of Somalia will be led by the governor for the next four years.
The delegation from the Federal Government of Somalia was present at the election, and the security forces of Baidoa have been tightened.