Speaker Jawari and a delegation he is leading jet off to Sudan

A delegation spearheaded by the Speaker of the People’s House of the Federal Republic of Somalia His Excellence Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawar has on Saturday left the country, the speaker and his delegation are heading to Khartoum the capital city of Sudan.

Speaker Jawari has received an official invitation from his Sudan counterpart.

At Aden Abdulle International Airport the Somali delegation to Khartoum was seen off by officials in the Federal Government of Somalia

During their visit in Khartoum the Somali delegation will be having meetings with senior Sudanese officials in particular with the Speaker of the Sudanese people’s House, who has sent the official invitation to the Somali delegation.

The officials of the two countries will be discussing about issues such as cooperation between the Parliamentarians of the two countries and as well strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries