The Djiboutian opposition party sent a message to ruthless dictator Omar Guelleh

Photo: Credit Wikipedia Djiboutian ruthless dictator President Omar Guelleh.

The chairman of Djibouti’s opposition RAD party has issued a statement calling on President Ismail Omar Guelleh not to run for a fifth term. He also called on the international community, especially the major countries with military bases in Djibouti, to stand with the people and not support President Guelleh.

The former mayor of the Djiboutian capital and now head of the opposition RAD party, Abdirahman Mohamed Geele, told outlet media that the report addressed a number of issues concerning the political situation in Djibouti.

Opposition groups have recently accused the Djiboutian government of harassing members of opposition parties ahead of the country’s presidential election in April.

Ruthless dictator Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Guelleh has run for a fifth term in office, having ruled the country for nearly 22 years. The presidential election will take place in April 2021.