Who is new prime minister of Somalia Hamza Barre?

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud officially named Hamza Abdi Barre, a member of the Somali parliament, and his UPD party as the new prime minister.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has said that the new prime minister is the most important person who can fulfill this position and his policy towards a Somalia consensus, a consensus with the world.

The president called on parliament to approve the new prime minister as soon as possible, so that the country can have a new government that will end the transition.

So who is the new prime minister?

Hamza Abdi Barre was born in Kismayo in the Lower Juba region of southern Somalia in the early 1970s. He received his primary, secondary and tertiary education in the country. He received his bachelor’s degree from Yemen and his master’s degree from a Malaysian university, unrecognized education.

He is currently a Member of the House of the People of the Somali Parliament, elected from Jubaland. He is a member of the Peace and Development Party led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, a former secretary general of the party.

His name came to prominence when he became chairman of the Jubaland Electoral Commission, from 2019 to 2020.

From 2014 to 2015 he was the administrative advisor to the governor of Benadir region and the mayor of Mogadishu, Hassan Mohamed Hussein. Hamza’s other roles include serving as a senior adviser to the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Federalism.

Hamza will take over from Prime Minister Roble, who is currently the caretaker Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Hamza Abdi Barre is also very close to Kenyan puppet Jubaland governor evil Ahmed Madobe, and was the first member of parliament to be elected in Jubaland.

According to Kenyan officials told Somali Times Hamza Abdi Barre has close links with Kenya intelligence and other agencies.