Why is Ethiopia still part of the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia?

File Photo/Somali Times

Addis Ababa has tested its maritime ambitions in Somalia earlier this month, with Muse Bihi signing a 20 KM off the coast of Lughaya area in Awdal region northern of Somalia.

This issue has greatly damaged the relationship between the two countries. Mogadishu has started a strong diplomatic battle, and the meeting of the IGAD regional organization, which includes Somalia and Ethiopia, is scheduled today, and the renewed issues of Somalia and Ethiopia are on the table.

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Before the meeting, the leaders of the Somali government used harsh words for the Ethiopian government. President Hassan Sheikh said that Ethiopia is a historical enemy. He told the Somali people that they have two enemies, Ethiopia and Terrorism.

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Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre has recently warned that Ethiopia if it tries to take part of Somalia territory and maritime water.

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It cannot be accepted that Somalia is still armed with Ethiopian troops in several cities of the country. People commenting on this topic suggest to President Hassan Sheikh and his government to ask the African Union to replace the Ethiopian army and leave the country, as they have violated the territorial sovereignty of Somalia and the unity of the country.

The Somali government has the right to this request, and it is likely that the African Union will accept it.

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The federal government of Somalia they must tell the Ethiopian army to leave Somalia.

These two countries, using the African Union channel, are likely to support Somalia militarily at this difficult stage. For a long time, Somalis refused to allow troops from neighbouring countries to enter the country, one of the reasons for the refusal is that there could have been a desire similar to the one that is present today from the Ethiopian side.

The fact that the troops of the neighbouring countries are still in Somalia may cause another threat in the future. It is not known whether the federal government of Somalia will request the replacement of the Ethiopian army, although this may require strong financial support.

But the countries of Egypt and Eritrea who want to burden Ethiopia can give Mogadishu many free opportunities. If the government of Somalia does not take great measures, many people may see that they are not honest about the safety of territory and maritime water.

Ethiopia is said to be thinking of implementing military power in the agreement between Abiy Ahmed and Muse Bihi Abdi, although this seems like a strong coup and the region will enter into an unknown war that will last until its end.