European Union has full support for Somalia against psychopath Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed

File Photo/Somali Times

The European Union has expressed its full support for the independence and territorial integrity of Somalia after the agreement signed in Addis Ababa by Ethiopia and the northern Somalia Hargeisa administration.

“On January 1, Ethiopian Prime Minister psychopath Abiy Ahmed and Hargeisa administration leader Muse Bihi signed an agreement guaranteeing Ethiopia access to the sea,” said a statement from the European Union’s foreign affairs office.

“The European Union would like to remind the importance of respecting the unity, independence and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Somalia, in accordance with its constitution, the African Union Charter and the United Nations. This is important for the peace and stability of the entire Horn of Africa region.”

The statement of the European Union is a big blow to the ambition of psychopath Abiy Ahmed, who believes that a false agreement with Muse Bihi can drown the independence and territorial integrity of Somalia.

The statement of the European Union can be felt in the importance of protecting the region from further instability, at a time when the Red Sea was already under severe tension as a result of the war in Gaza, with the Houthis carrying out several attacks targeting commercial ships.

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, who spoke to both Houses of Parliament today, said that the action taken by Ethiopia is “unfortunate.”

“There is no one who has the power to get the land in Somalia,” said the President of Somalia, who said that the independence and territorial integrity belongs to the next generation.

The president of Somalia said that the agreement reached in Addis Ababa will not come into force.