With Abiy Ahmed’s gross miscalculation, expect many ethnic Oromos who will be targets for expulsion to be displaced from major Somali cities

By Professor Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad

In his conniving schemes, he has been subsumed by United Arab Emirates & US backing, he will do anything to deflect attention from the raging internal inferno in Ethiopia which has ongoing conflicts in 70% of its territory.

The failed policy of arming groups against each other will not yield any results, let’s see how he fares against FANO, OLA/Shene, Querro & others in the regional instability he sleepwalked into. He has torched Ethiopia and with his burning bush, he also enflamed conflicts with Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt & Sudan with his childish warmongering rhetoric, because of him the whole region is in chaos as the new year starts. If he wants to venture into Somalia, let him remember what befell TPLF (when he worked for them).

Al-Shabab received their Happy New Year gift from Abiy Ahmed and have already called for a holy jihad war against the invading ‘Habesha crusaders’. They have crossed over to Ethiopia recently in 2022!

Is he really the Abiy I knew or an ethnic fascist whose treads in the path of Menelik II. I have personally backed Abiy’s bitter fight against TPLF to such an extent that my own life came under threat, I will not be silent as he tries to undermine Somalia’s sovereignty under my watch, never!

If his mother dreamt of his imminence, my own mother also dreamt of me leading a united greater Somalia consisting of all predominantly Somali inhabited areas of the Horn of Africa.

To the Somali leadership led by one Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, we are waiting for your official protest letter to all the leading multilateral organisations and address this matter with the urgency it needs.