Ex-Somali spy chief says Ikran Tahlil killed by Roble, foreign spies

Former Somalia’s Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Agency, Fahad Yasin, has spoken for the first time in detail about the case of Ikran Tahlil Farah, an NISA officer who was reportedly captured by Al-Shabab and killed, which created a strong tension.

Fahad Yasin in the third part of a series of interviews for the first time revealed shocking information, pointing out that officials and foreign countries have collaborated in the case of Ikran Tahlil Farah, to tarnish the image of the intelligence service.

Fahad Yasin, a former national security adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said MP Mahad Salad Mohamed. Deputy Minister of Information Abdirahman Al-Adala, also knew Prime Minister Roble.

“The girl was taken away in a car by a lawmaker named Mahad Salad. He drove her. The car was taken to Dar es Salaam, a neighborhood in Mogadishu where the wealthiest people live. They were taken to Lower Shabelle, near Jilib and killed her there,” said Fahad Yasin.

He also added that the killing of the girl was carried out by Mahad Karatay, a senior Al-Shabab official, adding that they knew Mahad Salad.

“A man named Mahad Karatay, an Al-Shabab leader, carried out the operation and has close ties to Mahad Salad,” he added.

He added: “The prime minister is aware of this and he is being targeted. In the end, the person to be questioned is Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, and the technology behind the operation was owned by Al-Adala and the executioner is Mahad Salad and the killer is Al-Shabab,” he reiterated.

Fahad did not name the countries he said were involved in the “killing of Ikran”, but described them as “two governments”.

“They are two governments, now I do not want to name them and the Somali people understand,” Fahad said.