Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe says, ”Completion of the Gedo region depends on the Somali elections in 2021.”

Photo/Somali Times

Jubaland Ahmed Madobe continues to insist that the Gedo region should be handed over first before the Somali elections, making Gedo the epicenter of the electoral dispute. Jubaland governor Ahmed Madobe says that the return of Gedo to Jubaland would depend on inclusive elections in the country.

According to Somali National Army Officials which told Somali Times that Ahmed Madobe forgot about Jubaland which is part of Somalia and the Somali National Army protecting Somali people against a Kenyan invasion killing Somali children, women and elders. The Kenyans are shelling Somali people daily by forces and militia supported by them.

According to Kenyan officials that told Somali Times Ahmed Madobe and Said Deni has been instructed by Uhuru Kenyatta’s office that the Gedo region is most strategic for the Kenyan forces to control.

“Ultimately, Jubaland’s clear position is that Gedo has not been returned. There will be no elections in Jubaland,” said Ahmed Madobe, a puppet of Kenya and foreign actors. A position is taken by the conference which was particularly regrettable that only a limited period of 60 days without taking government forces in the Gedo region have a choice not to attend. Said Deni and Ahmed Madobe are puppets of the Kenyan government and foreign actors.