Mogadishu President Hassan Sheikh says that Somali people will not be ruled by someone they did not vote for

File Photo/Somali Times

Mogadishu President Hassan Sheikh said, “We have made a promise that the country will not be ruled by someone who is not elected by the people.”

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The president of Mogadishu Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, said that the country is going to a democratic election, telling everyone who has a different opinion to trust the voice of the Somali people to elect the leaders tomorrow, said dodgy president.

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Mogadishu President Hassan Sheikh said that he has vowed that the Somali people will not be ruled by someone they did not vote for, Hassan Sheikh only rules half of Mogadishu.

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The Mogadishu President said that the four chapters of the constitution that were amended still have opportunities to be amended, but he made it clear that he will never negotiate that the country will go to a democratic system where the people will be able to choose who they want.

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“The Somali people, wherever they are, should be ready, they have their vote to make a decision. Whoever has a good political opinion should be elected by Somalia,” said the president.

President Hassan Sheikh has faced opposition to the amendment made by his government to the constitution of the country, as people from different viewpoints have criticized that the president is working to extend his rule through strategies that include amending the constitution.

The presidents of the states who did not agree with the new system that the country has moved to, none of them are close to amending the constitution.