Puntland boycotted the consultative council meeting announced by Mogadishu President Hassan Sheikh

File Photo/Somali Times

Puntland has boycotted the consultation meeting which the president of Mogadishu, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, called the presidents of the states and the Banadir region.

The Minister of Information of Puntland, Mohamoud Aidid Dirir, who gave an interview to the local media, said that there is no Somalia government that they recognize and enter into negotiations with.

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“The government of Somalia is required to return before the fate of Somalia is discussed,” said Mohamoud Aidid Dirir, hinting that Puntland insists that there is no Somali government that they recognize.

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The Minister of Information said that the government of Somalia needs to return to the framework of the law, then they are ready to participate in the negotiations on the constitutional issues.

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“We do not believe that there is a government. Who is calling us to discuss? Coming back to the law is not the first time. They have organized something of their own, no one from Puntland is participating,” said the Puntland information minister.

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Puntland’s decision to hold a consultation meeting underlines the extent of the political conflict between the federal government of Somalia.