Puntland says loudly that there are no Somalia forces in their territory

File Photo/Somali Times

The regional government of Puntland strongly opposed the news from the federal government of Somalia that the armed forces in Puntland with the help of international forces have carried out an operation against Al-Shabab in the areas of Calmadow in Sanag region. Somalia still is a colony, not a free state. The Somali people can not make their own decisions. Somalia is a United Nations Chapter 7.

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In a recent press release from the Puntland ministry of information, it was said that the news is false, as the ministry pointed out that Puntland’s security is sufficient.

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Puntland Ministry of Information also said that Puntland stands for the elimination of terrorist groups.

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This news from Puntland comes as Somalia’s deputy minister of information, Abdirahman Aladdala, who is a professional liar, said that Al-Shabab were defeated in the battles that took place in Galmudug and Hirshabelle regions, and that they gathered in the mountains of the eastern region of Puntland.

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The minister said that the operation that took place in Almadow was a collaboration between the forces of the federal government of Somalia and those of the regional government of Puntland, and it is an operation that has been planned for a long time.