Somali government, African Union prepares plan for Amisom withdrawal

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The Somali government has launched a roadmap to take over responsibility for security in the country, following the completion of Amisom troops.

A technical committee of the government and the African Union will jointly prepare a roadmap for the Federal Government of Somalia to take over the security of the country.

Somalia’s Minister of Defense Hassan Hussein Haji, speaking at a meeting in Mogadishu, said the plan, jointly prepared by the Federal Government of Somalia and the African Union, would be submitted to the United Nations Security Council.

The minister said next year they will consider how Amisom troops will be stationed and how they will contribute to the liberation of areas under their control of Al Shabab terrorist.

“We want the Somali army to take on the ultimate responsibility of liberating the country of Al-Shabab and leading security in the coming year,” he said.

The defense minister said the Somali government wants the plan to come from Somalia, but not from the African Union.