Somali security agencies seized a large amount of drugs in Mogadishu’s port

A container carrying a large amount of drugs was seized at the port of Mogadishu late yesterday afternoon. A large amount of narcotics, known as Tabuga in Somalia, were seized at the main port of Mogadishu.

Tabuga drugs are widely used by Somali youth, and the Somali security agency seized the drugs.

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The agency seized a container containing 249 cartons of Tabuga inside the port, which were intended to be sold in Mogadishu and other parts of the country.

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“The organization has insisted that no illegal items can be imported from the port and the airport of the capital, which are causing serious problems for the Somali youth and other parts of the society. do it,” said a brief news release from the Somali security agency.

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It is said that these containers full of Tabuga drugs were unloaded from the main port of Mogadishu by Somali businessmen, and they were seized when they wanted to take them out of the port and sell them to the markets in Mogadishu and other regions of the country.

Tabuga is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world and is widely used by young Somalis including boys and girls. Tabuga and other drugs were imported directly from the port of Mogadishu.