Somalia is more divided today than it was two years ago

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia’s corruption virtually runs throughout Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud’s regime. From its judicial system, to public services, administration, police, tax and customs administration, legislation, natural resources, public procurement, and the civil society, the scourge remains unabated.

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Then in 15 May 2022, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, was re-elected as the country’s president despite being heavily criticized for massive corruption, restrictions on the media and abuse of power during his previous term in office 2012-2017.

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Somalia’s leaders are corrupted and they care less about the future of Somali people and most Somali politicians’ families live abroad in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Turkey. The money they looted has been deposited to foreign countries.

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The former President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, has completed two years of leading the country today, from the time he was elected to this position on May 15, 2022.

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The two years of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud’s leadership of the country has led the country to great division.

“When compared to the two years of President Hassan Sheikh, Somalia is more divided than it was two years ago today,”

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The unity of Somalia can be saved and determined by the system of federalism or what is known as Confederal, which means that the country should be independent states united in one government.

The Hassan Sheikh is working to implement a centralized government in the country.

However, Puntland and the federal government of Somalia have been in conflict for almost two years, and they have not been able to reach a solution. Puntland recently said that there is no Somali government that it recognizes.