What went wrong with security in Mogadishu?

File Photo/Somali Times

Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, has been experiencing insecurity in the last two years, including murders, explosions and mortar attacks on neighbourhoods in the capital.

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The last mortar hit a house near the Somali president last night, and the last killed was Adan Biit, who was a member of the Somali Police Force, who was shot dead while sitting in a restaurant near School Bluesiya in Mogadishu.

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All these attacks took place, while the security forces are still working to stabilize the security of Mogadishu.

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So what went wrong with the security of Mogadishu?

Somali spy agency NISA officers told Somali Times about the situation and the mistakes in the security agencies and the Somali government.

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The official admitted that there are many problems facing the public and businessmen, some of which are caused by members of the military, and he said that this has reduced the government’s support from the people.

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“The people are in a lot of trouble, especially the businessmen are having trouble with some of the police who are standing on the road, so I am waiting for security and I have no support from the public. The security agencies are losing the support of the government,” said Somali spy agency NISA officers.

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The NISA officers gave an example of the attack that killed Sayid-Ali Abdi Adde, a military officer who was recently killed in a battle between troops in Bondere district of Banadir region.

“If I take the example of the officer’s son who was killed in Bondere by an army that was passing by with a technical vehicle, the soldiers who came from the war and were sitting outside became suspicious and opened fire, who allowed them to shoot so many bullets in the neighbourhoods?” continued the NISA officers.

Finally, he called on the security agencies to get back together and correct the mistakes in order to restore the cooperation between the people and the government, which he said has now disappeared.

I say the security agencies should be reformed and when people are in trouble, they should be investigated,” NISA officers said.

This statement comes as there is now a security burden in the capital, as Al-Shabab has resumed their attacks, and there has also been an increase in the targeting of large companies, such as Hormud and Beco Electricity.