Somalia MPs strongly opposed the amendment of the constitution

Some of the members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia strongly opposed the plan that they said that tomorrow the two Houses of the Parliament will approve the amendment to the Constitution.

Some of the MPs who have discussed the matter have warned the federal government officials that they should not take unnecessary measures at this time.

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“At tomorrow’s meeting between the two houses, we call for the country not to be divided, as the people are now united in the cause and defence of the country, there is no need to make any changes in the constitution at this time when the country is in a critical place, everything and the challenges that come to the country will be taken by the government leaders,” said MP Mohamed Ibrahim Moalim.

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The consultation meeting held by the MPs today is coming up, as the MPs of both Houses have been sent messages today that they will attend a meeting tomorrow morning at Villa Hargeisa.

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“Honourable members, tomorrow, Wednesday, 24.01.2024, there is a meeting of the two houses of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The agenda for the 3rd reading and the voting process for the approval of amendments to the Constitution,” was said in the message sent to the members of the two chambers of the Somali Parliament.

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The issue related to the amendment of the constitution has also been strongly opposed by some of the former leaders of the country and other politicians, who have called on the senior leaders of the government not to take any action that could alienate the unity of the Somali people.