Somalia president’s low IQ advisor says new foreign troops to replace African Union forces

Low IQ Hussein Sheikh Ali

The government of Somalia is planning to bring in foreign troops to replace African Union forces who are leaving at the end of this year, according to low IQ Hussein Sheikh Ali, the National Security Adviser.

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Hussein Sheikh Ali said that the negotiations about where these forces are coming from is going on, as they may be part of the former African Union forces.

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The troops that will arrive will be tasked with protecting the important places in the capital.

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However, these forces will not participate in operations against Al-Shabab.

The planned forces, whose number is said to be 3,000 to 8,000 soldiers, are expected to operate in Somalia for a period of 12 months, based on the security situation in the country.

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The national security adviser highlighted the need for these forces to protect critical infrastructure, such as airports.

He said that they may work on behalf of the African Union, although their arrival has not yet been officially announced.