Somalia: Puntland opposed Hassan Sheikh’s decision to violate the Constitution

File Photo/Somali Times

The Puntland administration strongly opposed the plan of President Hassan Sheikh’s government to amend and complete the constitution, when the parliament started discussing the issue yesterday.

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Puntland has said that the federal government’s plan is leading to a political and security crisis in the country, while President Hassan Sheikh of wanting to cancel the Somali government agreement.

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The Ministry of Justice of Puntland, Mohamed Abdiwahab, who spoke to the local media, said that the administration wants a proper and legal way to amend the constitution.

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“Puntland agrees that the amendment of the constitution should go through the right way in accordance with chapter 15 of the constitution, which is a process based on consensus and consultation to make its amendment.”

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He also said that the government’s plan cannot be implemented, as he argued that it has deviated from the correct process, “the president and his government are doing and it is causing the nation a setback.”

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“It means that the constitution or the single text that was agreed upon by the Somali people after 50 years is being thrown out the window today, and they are going down an illegal path. That does not work, Somali nationalism and the constitution cannot be changed by Hassan and his small group,” said the minister of justice of the Puntland administration.

Finally, he said that Puntland will not recognize and act on the amendment of the constitution, if the government of President Hassan Sheikh illegally changes the constitution.

“We must be wary of any action that could cloud the nationalism and unity of the Somali country,” Puntland Justice Minister Mohamed Abdiwahab said again.

Members of the two Houses of Parliament yesterday began debating the amendment of the constitution, opposed the former leaders of the country, Puntland administration and opposition politicians .