Somalia rejected Ethiopia Airlines landing Hargeisa

The federal government of Somalia has today taken a serious step against Ethiopia as it recently banned the Ethiopian Airlines from Somalia, according to official sources told Somali Times.

Reports say that the order was issued by the Somali Civil Aviation Authority based in Mogadishu, which turned back the plane that was carrying the Ethiopian delegation to Hargeisa northern Somalia.

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The plane finally returned to the city of Addis Ababa where it originally took off from, as confirmed the director of the civil aviation authority Ahmed Moalim, who spoke to outlet media.

Ahmed Moalim said that they are still in the case, but he confirmed that the plane was important passengers and they returned to Addis Ababa.

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The Ethiopian delegation was said to be attending a meeting in Hargeisa, according to the information we received.

This decision has already resulted in a strong response, and was welcomed by the Somali people, who greatly appreciated the action of the Somalia government.

However, this raises the tension between Somalia and Ethiopia as a result of the maritime agreement in Addis Ababa, which was rejected by the Somalia government.