Somalia’s Puntland says Hassan changing the constitution is a threat to the unity of the Somali nation

File Photo/Somali Times

The Puntland administration has said that it strongly opposes and warns against changing the Transitional Constitution, so that Somalis do not agree to remove the basic principles and structure of the Government based on the Federal system.

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A press release issued by the Puntland presidency said that something surprising is that the amendment of the constitution is used in the agreement of the National Discussion Forum (NCC) without Puntland being part of it.

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“The Government of Puntland finds it very unfortunate that the Heads of the Federal Government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh’s and his team are working to remove the Transitional Federal Constitution and replace it with a new Constitution that is seen by certain as a threat to the unity and nationalism of the Somali nation as stated in Chapter 1st, the 1st and 7th articles of the Transitional Constitution,” said the statement from the presidency of Puntland.

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Puntland said that the Somali Parliament has neither the power nor the legitimacy to make a new constitution.

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Puntland said that they will not implement any changes to the country’s constitution.