SSC leader warned to withdraw remaining SNM militia northern Somalia in Las Anod

File Photo/Somali Times

Garad Jama Garad Ali, a traditional elder of the SSC, announced that the SSC forces has grown impatient with Hargeisa SNM militia and is determined to intensify attacks following the Eid holiday. Garad Jama Ali called for SNM militia to withdraw remaining army from SSC territories, asserting that this is a necessary condition for initiating dialogue.

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Read: UN Human Rights Committee has called for an investigation into the killings in Las Anod

“We are at an impasse, and they have nothing left. We want to inform the world and the Somali government that our patience has run out. After today’s Eid, we will go on the offensive,” Garad Ali said.

He called on Hargeisa SNM militia to withdraw its army from the SSC areas, stating that it is a necessary step before any form of dialogue could begin.

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Hargeisa SNM militia leader warlord Muse Bihi Abdi addressed the Las Anod conflict during Eid prayers, maintaining that SNM militia colonial border was non-negotiable. The warlord denied claims that SNM militia oppressed the people of Sool and insisted that they lived in freedom.

Amnesty International released a report on April 20, estimating that over 100 people have been killed and more than 600 injured, including dozens of civilians, due to fighting between Hargeisa SNM militia forces and SCC-Khatumo local armed forces in Las Anod town. The organization called on all parties to the conflict to end indiscriminate attacks, commit to protecting civilians, and respect the rules of international humanitarian law.

Read: UN Human Rights Committee has called for an investigation into the killings in Las Anod

Amnesty International compared and analysed satellite imagery of Las Anod town from before the attack – on 24 December 2022, and after – 4 March 2023. Over 30 structures appear visibly damaged in the imagery and seven of those locations align with ground photos received, including the Las Anod general hospital, Salahuldin mosque and several homes. A lot of the damage visible in imagery was concentrated on a road on the eastern side of the city, further corroborating testimony collected from interviewees.

The organization analyzed several photos showing remains of weapons collected from various parts of the town and confirmed that they were remnants of 107mm rockets, and the damage to the homes was consistent with being struck by rocket warheads of that size. Amnesty International was not able to identify the country of manufacture but assessed them to be weapons commonly used in Hargeisa SNM militia .

Warlords Muse Bihi and Mohamed Kahin, Nuh Ismail Tani with their militia must be held accountable for massacring women, children and bombing Las Anod General Hospital. Crimes against humanity should have consequences.