Hassan Sheikh surrender to Abiy Ahmed in order to give him a military base in Somalia and is begging William Ruto to arrange a meeting

File Photo/Somali Times

A senior official in the Kenyan government has announced that Kenya has proposed to enter into a maritime agreement with the IGAD countries.

The intention of Kenya in this agreement was stated to calm the tension between Ethiopia and Somalia which resulted from an agreement that allows Ethiopia to establish a military base in the sea and to get a port on the coast of Somalia.

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Ethiopia, which is a landlocked country, reached an agreement with Hargeisa administration on January 1, in which Hargeisa said it will lease a 20 km sea channel from Ethiopia for a period of 50 years, while Ethiopia will extend recognition to Hargeisa.

This consensus has led Somalia to respond strongly.

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Korir Singwe, the secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya, told the Reuters news agency that the agreement proposed by Kenya in consultation with Djibouti and the IGAD regional organization will determine how landlocked countries in the region can access commercial ports.

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“IGAD has the power to prepare an agreement to share marine resources,” he said, referring to the organization that includes the countries of the region.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud held a meeting with his Kenyan counterpart, William Ruto, in the capital of Kenya on Thursday, which is part of efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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“We continue to work with all parties with the aim of ensuring that the region finally finds complete stability,” said Singwe.

He added that if the Nairobi solution is accepted, it will provide Ethiopia with “stable and predictable access to marine resources” to conduct its business without hindrance, while also respecting Somalia’s territorial integrity.

He said that Somalia and Ethiopia are studying the initiative, and their leaders have been asked to discuss the meeting, in order to continue the work ahead.