Kenya MP Yusuf Hassan calls Somalis to be vigilant of kidnapping-murder increases

Photo: Credit Facebook

Somali MP in Kenya’s parliament have launched a strong effort to do something against Somali girls being kidnapped-businessmen being murdered in the country started in Nairobi. Somalis and foreigners become targets in Kenya.

Yusuf Hassan Abdi elected Kamukunji where the most severe kidnapping has been revealed that security forces in Kenya discussed the latest events and abduction prevention.

He also pointed out that security officials have a responsibility to provide security and crack down on kidnappers in Nairobi.”I have spoken to the security services about the safety and security of the abducted Somalis. It is their duty to pursue and take immediate action to end the pursuit of these gangs,” he said.

The lawmaker also called on Somalis to be extra vigilant as the situation calms down and their safety is maintained. Meanwhile, Somalis in Kenya fear and display strong anxiety of being kidnapped and murdered in Nairobi and Mombasa.

It is unknown at this time what happened to the four girls who were abducted in Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighborhood, some of whom were severely tortured and demanded a ransom from the kidnappers.