UN envoy says Somalia future is in danger

File Photo/Somali Times

The UN representative for Somalia Catriona Laing said the future of Somalia is in danger. She said that the country cannot move forward with Puntland which is not a part of it.

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The Special Envoy of the United Nations said in a meeting with President Said Deni in Garowe, she discussed how to reduce the political tensions that have existed in recent times regarding the amendment of the constitution, between the Federal Government of Somalia and Puntland.

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“I am very happy to hear from the president of Puntland that he is committed to trying to find a solution to this issue, to ensure that there is an inclusive process,” said the UN representative in Somalia.

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However, the Puntland administration has announced that it has withdrawn its trust and recognition from the institutions of the federal government of Somalia, as stated in a decision of a meeting held by the cabinet of Puntland.

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This decision was made by Puntland in response to the decision of the two houses of the corrupt Somalia Parliament to amend the interim constitution of Somalia.

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