What led to SSC Khatumo’s exclusion from the meeting that Mogadishu President Hassan Sheikh announced?

File Photo/Somali Times

The administration of SSC-Khatumo was angry about the reason why they were excluded from the meeting by the President of Mogadishu Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud announced, which was invited to the leaders of the regional governments of the country.

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Garad Mukhtar Garad Ali Burale, one of the traditional elders of SSC-Khatumo who issued a brief statement questioned why their administration was abandoned, and said that this shows that SSC-Khatumo has not yet been recognized.

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He also pointed out that their interests are tied to Hargeisa which is still missing, as he said.

“We are supposed to be recognized. Is Hargeisa tied to a tree and waiting for us?” said Garad Mukhtar Garad Ali Burale.

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On the other hand, some social media users reacted to the same issue and spoke in different ways about why SSC-Khatumo was left.

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Faysal Aqil “SSC and Puntland should hold a meeting and then unite, other governments will be more influential than them”.

Apart from the SSC’s anger at the meeting announced by President Hassan, it was rejected by Puntland, which is currently in a strong dispute with the federal government.